The Remote Court Reporting Solution

Capture courtroom-ready testimony with a single platform.

Prevail is the all-inclusive solution to the outdated technology and processes of traditional court reporting. AI transcription and powerful productivity tools save time and reduce overhead, giving you a competitive advantage.

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Designed to save time

Eliminate the waiting periods associated with conventional discovery processes; start working with testimony right away. No need to wait for deliverables from multiple vendors.

  • Don't wait to get to work
  • Focus on the case
  • No learning curve
Review recorded testimony immediately after the deposition concludes... Don't wait to get to work
Mark important lines of testimony with color-coded flags and notes, even during a live deposition...           Focus on the case
Built by legal professionals, Prevail’s familiar interface requires minimal training...    No learning curve
Work at office

Build your own virtual testimony library

Access content anywhere for maximum collaboration

All recordings, transcripts, documents, clips, and assets are housed securely in Prevail's cloud-based storage. Attorneys, paralegals, and other staff can collaborate instantly and from anywhere. Powerful search features mean you can quickly find the evidence you need from any past session.

Security through simplicity

One platform, all digital

With Prevail, all records from proceedings are stored securely in the cloud, on platform until you download them. No additional copies of video footage, physical transcripts, or exhibits are passed between third-party contractors. All data is encrypted for transmission and storage.

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Nothing to outsource

Prevail automates the complex logistics associated with stenographic court reporting. Reduce labor costs and create high quality attorney work product with a full suite of self-service offerings.

Exhibit management

Exhibit management

Prepare for proceedings with your team by uploading case assets to a digital briefcase. Organize and annotate documents, then easily share exhibits during a session. Download exhibits.

Clip creation

Clip creation

Create high-quality video clips without the need for a videographer, nor any additional software or equipment. With Session Review, simply select the relevant testimony in the transcript to generate downloadable HD video files in seconds.

AI transcription

AI transcription

Proprietary artificial intelligence technology enables Prevail to produce a certified transcript six times faster than the industry standard. After AI produces a real-time rough, it's reprocessed to verify verbatim accuracy, and certified upon request.

What can Prevail do for you?

Do I need any special equipment or software?

Prevail works with the built-in microphone and camera in most laptops. Voice focus software virtually eliminates background noise for crystal clear audio. Sessions require a broadband internet connection with at least 10 Mbps download speed and 4 Mbps upload speed.

How accurate is the transcript?

Our powerful AI technology generally produces a 90% accurate rough transcript. All certified transcripts go through a round of human review with our credentialed court reporters, ensuring 100% accuracy upon delivery. Additionally, we offer translator services when necessary.

What specific security measures do you take?

All data is encrypted for transmission and storage. Prevail treats non-public customer data as sensitive and follows best practices such as limiting access to the minimum number of people, for essential business needs only, and logging and auditing all access.

Are remote depositions legal?

Yes, remote depositions are quite common these days and in many cases, have become the “new normal.” Most court rules—including the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 30(b)(4)—specifically address both remote and video depositions.

How do I schedule or reschedule a session?

Our Customer Success Team handles the technical aspects of session scheduling for you: simply click “Schedule New Session” on your dashboard and fill out the Session request form. You can also schedule by phone or email. Need to reschedule? No problem, just reach out to Customer Success and they'll handle it for you.

How do I get a certified transcript?

Our highly trained staff can produce and deliver a certified transcript within 10 days, with expedited delivery available for even faster turnaround. Request a Certified Transcript directly from your Session Host, or simply call or email our Customer Success team.