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The first AI-assisted testimony management and video conferencing platform purpose-built for legal proceedings.

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AI-enabled depositions

Leverage the power of AI and cloud-based software to increase productivity and streamline virtual depositions. Connect with participants, capture testimony, generate transcripts, and create compelling work product, all with a single platform.

Tailored to attorneys

  • AI-powered transcription
  • Intuitive exhibit management
  • Efficient productivity tools
  • Powerful review functionality
Effortlessly connect to witnesses, opposing counsel, and personnel anywhere in the world with just a web browser. Video of witnesses is captured and synched to the rough transcript, generated instantly by AI speech-to-text technology. AI-powered depositions
Prep for success with an integrated virtual briefcase. Upload, sort, share, and annotate documents at any time before, during, or after a session, download final exhibits, and digitally stamp files to commit them to the record.     Intuitive exhibit management
Bookmark important lines of testimony in the moment with color-coded flags, notes, and designations for later reference. Innovative and easy-to-use tools save time and resources, keeping your annotation synced to the transcript.    Efficient productivity tools
Access a rough transcript just moments after a session, synchronized to each participant’s video recording. Review exhibits, add notes, and create admissible video clips of testimony with just a few clicks—no videographer necessary.    Powerful review functionality
Immediate access to materials
Immediate access to materials

Certified transcript in just


Our proprietary scoping and certification platform enables our court reporting staff to quickly and efficiently verify the record, while you enjoy immediate access to the searchable rough transcript.

An expert on hand in every session
An expert on hand in every session

Need help? Just


Our trained, credentialed court reporters not only ensure the capture of your record but are also able to answer platform-related questions and assist with exhibit handling.

A virtual library of digital testimony
A virtual library of digital testimony

Cloud-based data


Build a repository of case materials stored securely in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. Prevail encrypts all stored and transmitted data, ensuring unparalleled confidentiality.