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It's Becoming Clear That Virtual Court is Not Going Away
Legaltech News | Law.comPublished: February 25, 2021

It's Becoming Clear That Virtual Court is Not Going AwayOn February 25, 2021, posted an article about how remote court proceedings are here to stay and how they're not just a passing pandemic-era phase. The potential time and cost savings involved for courts, litigants and lawyers was undeniable. There were a few drawbacks at first—like a lawyer appearing as a cat, since they rushed to the first videoconferencing software available. However, some companies have set out to correct those issues. In the article, Rob Feigenbaum, CEO and co-founder of Prevail, a court deposition videoconference platform, spoke about how U.S. legal systems are starting to consider industry-specific software. He said, “When things started we were remote because we had to. Now, [courts are saying] if we are remote, it's a better way to do these tasks.”  Visit external site
Can Videoconferencing Platforms Help Legal Avoid the Next 'I'm Not a Cat' Moment?
Legaltech News | Law.comPublished: February 23, 2021

Can Videoconferencing Platforms Help Legal Avoid the Next 'I'm Not a Cat' Moment? posted an article on February 23, 2021 that talks about how earlier this month, a Texas lawyer made headlines when his face was accidentally replaced with a cat during a hearing. Presidio County Attorney Rod Ponton quickly became known as the “cat lawyer” when he had to tell a judge, “I'm not a cat.” Although it provided plenty of laughs, it goes to show why Zoom and other videoconferencing tools may not exactly be the greatest fit when it comes to legal proceedings. In the article, Rob Feigenbaum, CEO and co-founder of Prevail Legal, commented, “That's where you're seeing these incidents happen. They're using platforms geared for casual conversations for something that is a highly structured proceeding.”  Visit external site
Tech Can Flag Distracted Jurors. But Will Courtrooms Allow Facial Recognition?
Legaltech News | Law.comPublished: February 8, 2021

Tech Can Flag Distracted Jurors. But Will Courtrooms Allow Facial Recognition?In an article posted on on February 8, 2021, the question is asked, “will courtrooms allow facial recognition?” As more and more jury civil trails are being held in a virtual environment, some lawyers are struggling with the inability to directly connect with remote jurors. This is especially troublesome thanks to various distractions that may be present while listening remotely from home—but facial technology might help with that by monitoring whether someone is paying attention online. Prevail Legal, Inc is mentioned, as their platform is considering the development of a feature that would detect a remote juror's focus. Rob Feigenbaum, CEO and co-founder of Prevail Legal, argued that such AI tools and other measures to monitor remote jurors will become prevalent as the need for more virtual jury civil trials expands thanks to the ongoing COVID pandemic. “I think you'll see a steady stream of announcements from courts doing pilot programs because of the fact that the math is so overwhelming,” said Feigenbaum. “They have to make remote [jury trials] work, there's no other way to handle their dockets, no matter if lawyers like it or not. Lawyers will have to adjust.  Visit external site
5 Legal Tech Trends to Watch In 2021
Law360Published: January 8, 2021

5 Legal Tech Trends to Watch In 2021Big things are coming in 2021, at least according to an article published by Law360 on January 8, 2021. One of those big things is the new technologies becoming available to legal professionals who have recently moved from an office environment to a remote one. This included Prevail Legal's new remote deposition tool, which allows court transcriptions to be collected online without the use of stenographers, who are in short supply. It is expected that some degree of remote work will eventually become the norm. In fact, 56 percent of lawyers said they would prefer a hybrid work setup, as evidenced by a Gensler's U.S. Workplace Survey released in December 2020.  Visit external site
Testimony Management and Capturing the Record
Reinventing Professional Services by Ari KaplanPublished: October 19, 2020

Testimony Management and Capturing the RecordOn October 19, 2020, Ari Kaplan of Reinventing Professional Services spoke with Rob Feigenbaum, the co-founder and CEO of Prevail Legal. Together they discussed the appeal of the court reporting sector and the main differences between using a testimony management platform to capture the record and using a trained court reporter. They also spoke of how the pandemic impacted the courtroom and how professionals view remote reporting as a whole. This interview is also available on Apple Podcasts.  Visit external site
Video Interview: Digital Testimony Management With Prevail Legal
Legal IT Insider | legaltechnology.comPublished: September 16, 2020

Video Interview: Digital Testimony Management With Prevail LegalLegal Technology speaks with Rob Feigenbaum, the co-founder, president and CEO of Prevail Legal. In the article posted on September 16, 2020, Feigenbaum explained how Prevail Legal's new cloud based deposition platform differed from the real time court transcription that has existed for decades. Namely, how the platform helps reduce the natural inflation of prices from having such a limited pool of stenographers in the US who are certified to work in real time. Feigenbaum was quoted as saying, “Our whole approach is that with a testimony, the end-product has always just been the transcript. Our approach is that the testimony is the product, and if organized properly you can get so much extra value out of how you work with that testimony.”  Visit external site
New Cloud Deposition Platform Offers Real-Time Transcription, HD Video, and Tagging
LawSites | LawSitesBlog.comPublished: September 15, 2020

New Cloud Deposition Platform Offers Real-Time Transcription, HD Video, and TaggingOn September 15, 2020, the LawSitesBlog covered Prevail Legal, Inc's new cloud based deposition platform. The company posits that its platform is able to offer instant transcription, HD video and bookmarking key pieces of testimony, among other abilities that help facilitate remote proceedings. Prevail Legal's cofounder and CEO Rob Feigenbaum, a veteran of the e-discovery industry, was quoted as saying, “The focus of these other companies has always been on the transcript as the end product. “Our focus is that the data is the end product — by digitizing the transcription, you get value out of the data. You can tag it, bookmark it, and create video clips, even while the deposition is still occurring.” The article also emphasized how Prevail isn't a court reporting agency, but a new technology platform that could extend well beyond depositions into any situation where having an accurate transcription could be critical.  Visit external site
The Insider with Caroline Hill: ft. Rob Feigenbaum
Litera.TVPublished: September 11, 2020

The Insider with Caroline Hill: ft. Rob FeigenbaumOn September 11, 2020, Litera.TV covered a YouTube video featuring Rob Feigenbaum, President and CEO of Prevail Legal, as a special guest. Caroline Hill, Legal IT Insider's editor-in-chief, personally interviewed Feigenbaum, discussing Prevail Legal Inc's new cloud deposition platform and how it can help legal clients save both time and money. Not only that, but they also discuss how the deposition platform can help tackle court reporting shortages, along with other issues, such as how the platform is a convenient way to handle pandemic related litigation being filed. They also noted how the platform has helped to break down existing barriers to technology adoption during the COVID pandemic. Feigenbaum observed, “What is really interesting is that the attorneys that are taking to it the fastest are the ones that you would expect the least, which are the more senior partners.”  Visit external site
Prevail Legal Launches Cloud-Based Platform For Remote Depositions With Real-Time Transcription
EIN Presswire | einnews.comPublished: August 25, 2020

Prevail Legal Launches Cloud-Based Platform For Remote Depositions With Real-Time TranscriptionEIN Presswire released a feature on August 25, 2020 detailing Prevail Legal, Inc's announcement of the launch of the legal industry's first cloud-based testimony management platform. Rob Feigenbaum was quoted as saying, “Testimony at depositions, hearings and examinations under oath have been managed the same way for over 100 years.
“A transcript has always been produced by a live stenographer and then reviewed and analyzed by attorneys and clients, transcript by transcript. By leveraging AI tailored to optimize legal transcription and the cloud, Prevail delivers unprecedented efficiency to litigators and better outcomes to their clients.” The article also makes mention of some of the company's early customers, and how they believe Prevail helps their attorneys work faster and collaborate more effectively.  Visit external site
Executing a Successful Remote Deposition
NALA WebinarPublished: August 20, 2020

Executing a Successful Remote DepositionIn this NALA webinar, Rob Feigenbaum, CEO and co-founder of Prevail Legal, Inc, discusses how paralegals can execute remote depositions, address specific challenges and manage testimony through a remote deposition. Some of the objectives of the course include understanding how the latest technology and features can assist with moving cases forward, learning how to prepare for a remote deposition and the ability to manage testimony while working in an online environment. While the COVID pandemic may have helped prod along cloud-based technology platforms such as Prevail Legal, the resulting technology is proving that it doesn't need to be a temporary fix.  Visit external site
Conducting a Successful Remote Depositions
Nextpoint WebinarPublished: August 15, 2020

Conducting a Successful Remote Depositions In this hour-long webinar, Nextpoint, Prevail and iDiscovery Solutions highlight the legal considerations and practicality surrounding remote depositions. This includes expert tips on exhibit sharing technology selection, accurate transcript reporting, witness preparation and more. It quickly explains how remote depositions will become the new standard, along with essential tips to help prepare and execute defensible depositions in a remote world.  Visit external site